A sleeve of thin mints and 13 miles of satisfaction

So, apparently I’ve already disappointed my goal to consecutively write a post every day.

It’s okay though. I will just pick up where I left off.

To preface this entry, I will say that this IS about running.

My weekend consisted of (regretfully) eating an entire sleeve of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies followed by a satisfying 13-mile long run in Central Park on Saturday morning.


(See above as glorious proof that my long-awaited order of thin mints arrived to the office on Friday morning. I graciously gave the other sleeve of cookies to my sister)

Getting back on track, I had been looking forward to Saturday’s long run for quite some time. I’m currently training for the Big Sur International Marathon in Monterey, California which is taking place on Sunday, April 28th. This would be my very FIRST full-marathon and I couldn’t be more excited to run my first marathon in such a beautiful location. On top of that, exactly one week prior to that day (Sunday, April 21st) I’ll be running a half marathon at my proud Alma Mater, Rutgers University.

It’s safe to say that I’m feeling the pressure of getting in my miles for these races.

It’s been a tough season of training for me because I’ve been sick twice during the month of February which really set me back in miles. But alas, I am back in the game.

About a week ago, I received an awesome present from a wonderful co-worker. I received the Asics Gel Noosas and have been running in them ever since. This past Saturday was the first time I have run in them outside however. I do a majority of my miles indoors, on the treadmill at the gym just because it’s more convenient for me, but running outside is always so refreshing. My feet felt great, my legs felt great, and my shoes were great.


(Asics Gel Noosa Tri-7)

The only downfall of my run is that I still haven’t familiarized myself enough with Central Park and I often get lost (which is, in part, why I actually ran 13 miles) It worked out for the better though.

In conclusion, I’d like to say Happy March! I’m looking forward to more long runs outside and the much anticipated warmer weather which will hopefully arrive soon.


(RunKeeper screenshot of my activity logged)

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