National Running Day

It’s only natural that my first post in quite some time so happens to be on National Running Day!

Although it may seem silly and pointless to some people, it is actually quite significant to many- myself included.

Running has helped me in so many ways that I can’t possibly list them all in this blog (let alone this one specific entry)…but I’ll try

I run…

  • for inner peace
  • for clarity
  • for my health
  • because it’s cheaper than alcohol
  • because it’s cheaper than seeing a therapist
  • because it keeps me fit
  • because I love having leg muscles
  • to give back to my community
  • to be a part of a community
  • to support a cause
  • to find a cure
  • to eat whatever I want
  • for my friends
  • for my family
  • for myself
  • because I love it
  • because it makes me happy
  • because it challenges me
  • to push myself
  • to overcome obstacles
  • to test my limits
  • to cope with stress
  • to race
  • for life
  • for love
  • for healing

I’m sure there are many other reasons as to why I run, but this was what came to mind

I look forward to celebrating this day by getting in a fun, easy run along the East River (my new favorite spot because I go to Central park way too much)

Many the miles…

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