Every second, every minute, every hour

It only seems appropriate to write about the inexplicable mystery that is “time” on the longest day of the calendar year.

The first day of Summer.

I’ve most likely already made some sort of reference as to how much I’ve realized just how precious every second of every minute of every hour is ever since I’ve moved into New York City.

Maybe it’s just more noticeable in New York City because our entire days are based off of a schedule that we cannot control; the bus, the subway, the train…public transportation in general. If you’re even a second late walking through that turnstile in the subway, you could miss your train to work, or to a friend’s house, or going back home. That very instance could drastically change the entire course of your day.

It’s impossible to trace back to the very moment that could have made everything different though. Instead, it’s a compilation of the tiny moments and milliseconds that we were early or late.

We’re always in a rush in New York City.

Everyone always has somewhere to be and other people are just an obstacle standing our way.

But the thing that really gets to me is the interactions that we have (or don’t have) with the people around us.

Call me an ooey-gooey romantic, but I always have that ongoing fantasy of bumping into the love of my life at a coffee shop or on the subway in passing or in Central Park.

For the millions of people who live here, it’s really difficult to take the time to get to know someone that way. That’s definitely something that I’ve been adjusting to over the course of time that I’ve been here.

My inspiration for this blog entry comes from the people whom I have met since I’ve moved here, but have completely vanished only a few months or weeks later after meeting them.

New York City is all about speed. Instant results. Everything has to happen fast because we can’t waste a minute of our time. I’ve learned this due to the short-lived collapsed relationships that I’ve had.

I’ve also learned that jumping too quick into anything never yields long-lasting results.

It’s true that every second of every minute of every hour counts. Making it last, however, now that’s a whole different story.

On this long, long first day of Summer, I wonder where I’ll end up or meet.

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