Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

The beginning stages of any experience can always be slightly uncomfortable. When we’re placed in a situation that we’ve never been in before, we don’t know how to react at first. It can take a decent amount of time to warm up to the unfamiliar feelings. Eventually, once we dip our feet in and test the waters, we become more at ease. The fear of the unknown starts to fade away and we become less and less uncomfortable until we reach the point where it’s just normal.

I’m the type of person who becomes easily overwhelmed by experiences in the beginning stages. Like anyone though, I always push through the rocky start and get to smooth sailing once I’m in my comfort zone. Of course, it does take me some time to reach that comfort zone.

I’ve written a lot about the transitions that I’ve gone through this year, as well as in past years. I’ve learned that no matter what the situation may be, my adjustment process goes through the same pattern every single time.

Regardless of knowing that things will eventually be okay after a little while, I still manage to panic in the beginning stages.

Aside from being the type of person who becomes easily overwhelmed by experiences in the beginning stages, I’m also the type of person who gets easily excited leading up to new experiences. I tend to have very high expectations for upcoming events and envision them to be much more grandiose than they actually are. I think it’s because I just really want things to work out the way I want. In reality, the rule of thumb is that things don’t always work out the way we want.

(For those of you who have seen 500 Days of Summer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the below reference)


My Mother always told me that I need to learn patience. It’s because I always want to fast forward past the hard part so that I can get to the easy part. The thing is, the hard part is the part that counts. Learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable is necessary. It’s a part of life. It’s something I need to learn to get better at.

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