Re-return from Colorado

I returned to New York City on a redeye from Denver, Colorado yesterday morning. The last time I had gone to Colorado was in late November after I was let go from a previous job. I find it ironic that I traveled back to Colorado just a few days before starting a brand new job. Both trips were completely spontaneous and unplanned, but somehow it worked out.

It always seems as though I re-encounter the same situations, only with different circumstances. As I sift through these blog posts that span throughout a duration of four years, it seems like I’m running in circles. But on the contrary, the other thing that always changes (aside from the circumstances) is my ability to handle these situations in a more calm and collected manner. I haven’t only changed, I’ve significantly improved. I’ve grown.

That’s the beauty of these particular predicaments that I always tend to find myself in. Each time I encounter a new struggle, I come back with fresh eyes and a new perspective. To me, it’s amazing to be able to go back to a familiar place but are able to see things completely differently – more clearly.

It’s true that the more experiences you have, the more you grow. The thing to remember is that you have to also learn from those experiences and apply that knowledge in the future.