Express Yourself

I’ve become accustomed to labeling myself as runner slash writer lately (apart from the title I carry with my regular nine to five office job in Midtown-Manhattan) Today, I read a blog which mentioned the shift in standard long-term lateral jobs that people used to hold for the rest of their lives. The time of being a master of one craft has ended. Now, being a jack of all trades is highly regarded.

People are striving to make the most of their time and taking more risks in their lives, but really we’re scared. A lot of us are delaying the inevitable. Growing up. And when I’m say this, I’m strongly acknowledging the twenties age group because that’s where I currently am, of course.

I read another blog today about a woman who is in a different age group than me, but going through completely different life changes that I couldn’t even possibly think of in my current state of mind. Frankly, at every age group, there is some sort of struggle to deal with. After all, it’s a new chapter of life. New experiences, new challenges to face, new decisions to make. But in the end, we grow from it.

Where I am right now, I’d like to invest my time into writing and running. As I’ve mentioned before, runners and writers alike are the same types of people. Usually, they go hand in hand. I know a lot of runners that really like to write and a lot of writers who have taken up running. It’s because runners and writers, similar to painters, and ballerinas, and anyone else who participates in a hobby where it’s you and you alone, share the same quality. That is, they value their alone time.

I’d say I’m quite the social butterfly. I talk a lot. Ironically, I lost my voice yesterday and am unable to speak, which is why I’m blogging two days in a row.

I have a lot to say and I like to get it out, but often times, I can’t find the right person that I want to share certain things with. So instead, I run. And if I can’t run, I write.

I never understand people who don’t want to engage in meaningful conversations. I have a lot of friends that just don’t want to venture into that uncharted territory. They’re all about having a good time and keeping the positive vibes. Don’t get me wrong now. I’m a very positive person (most times) But there are times when I think a lot, almost too much for my own good. I think about everything. These are the times when I need to get it out. So I run. Or I write.

The thing that I admire most about creative types, the people who express themselves through art or poetry or some other form of these things, is that they can say what they need to say without saying it.

Losing my ability to speak was a good thing. Silence is what I needed right now. Writing is what I needed right now.

In the end, sometimes you just need to express yourself. Whatever your feelings may be, it will manifest in some form or another.

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